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Mentoplasty 1 Before & After

Look Your Best

Procedure: The chin is marked and drawn, giving the estimated size of pocket necessary to be underminded to fit the size of chin implant. The desired size and shape of the implant is sculptured. The local anesthesia is performed with 1-2% lidocaine with 1/200.000 epinephrine by local injection and or local blocking, of mental nerves. The introral vertical incision of 1.5cm is made through the mucosa and the midline of the mentalis musculature to the inferior border of the mandible. The tunnel is created by the elevator along the inferior border of the mandible, staying very far away from the mental nerves bilaterally, The implant is inserted in the correct and desired position. The elevator is used to sweep under the implant and detect any folding of the implant. The musculature is approximated over the implant with interrupted 3-0 chronic suture and the mucosa is re-approximated in a similar fashion. Routine post- operative care is given.